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Therapy Groups

Therapy Groups are a great way to challenge, encourage and motivate yourself to a healthier, transformed life.  EBCC Groups offer opportunity for growth and enlightenment!


Weekly and Bi-Weekly Groups are available, virtually (online) or in-person.  Mens, Womens, Teens, College, Young Adult and Co-ed Groups available.


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Groups offered

Abortion Recovery

Have you been impacted by an abortion, whether the abortion you had or that someone else in your life had?

Abortion Recovery Support Group can offer you a sense of community and support to gain new clarity.


Addiction Recovery

Strong recovery support and education are offered for those impacted by alcoholism, substance abuse and dependence as well as behavioral / process addictions such gambling, porn, sex and more.

Adult Children of Chaotic Families

Did you grow up in a chaotic family?  Was there anger, drug abuse, alcoholism, domestic violence, mental illness such as depression or bi-polar?ACCF Group offers education, understanding and awareness for those who have been impacted by chaos and confusion.

Anxiety, Worry and Fear

Gain understanding and new tools to work through anxiety, worry and fear, that may have been brought on by the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, the lock-down or other life events. 

Exploring Anger

Learn why we get angry, how our anger effects those around us and how to hone your anger to move you forward in life rather than holding you back.   Greater understanding can lead to stronger communication and relationships.  

Family & Friends Addiction Recovery Group

Support Group for family members and friends of those challenged by addiction including Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACA), spouses, partners and families.

Grief, Loss and Disappointment

Bereavement is often what we experience when a loved one dies, which includes grief.  But often times we experience grief, loss and disappointment over a myriad of life experiences, in which no one has died.  Discouraged in your relationships, finances, housing, work or future?  Find relief from the heartache that can accompany this type of grief and loss.

Launch Groups

Launch Groups are the perfect way to seek health, healing and new growth during times of transition, challenges and starting new ventures.  Collaboration and support from others may be the encouragement you need to succeed!  

Mens, Womens, Teens, and College Groups available.  

Nurses, Doctors and Medical Professionals

Nurses, doctors and medical professionals have unique types of stressors, especially what was experienced during the 2020 Corona Virus pandemic.  Find the crucial support the you need from other front-line workers who have gone through similar experiences.

Pastors and Pastor’s Families

Pastors and their families play unique and complicated roles in our society, offering love, support and encouragement to many, but not always receiving it when needed.  

This group offers opportunities to gain much needed encouragement and insight, while moving forward toward goals of health and stability.


Relationship Recovery

Marriage and intimate relationships can leave us hurt, frustrated, confused and possibly devastated at times. An increased understanding of strong boundaries and assertive communication can lead us to reduced codependency and a stronger sense of self worth.

Singles, married, divorced or widows are all welcome.

Teen Children of Addicts and Alcoholics

Support and community for daily challenges that teens can face when a parent is impacted by an addiction or alcoholism.  


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Information about
Groups at EBCC

Group Fees are $75 per 90 minute group therarpy session,
with one monthly payment.
Minimum one month commitment.

EBCC accepts
checks, cash, credit cards and
HSA / FSA Health Savings Account cards.

Why be in a group?


Group Therapy can be a safe environment to experiment with alternative ways of treating yourself and others, while recognizing that you are not alone and that other individuals share similar problems and struggles.

Support & Feedback

An important benefit of Group Therapy is having a greater opportunity to give and receive feedback from other in a supportive environment.  Through shared experiences, emotional support and growth can be achieved.

Lower Fee

Group Therapy is typically less expensive than individual therapy. Lower cost can give opportunity for individuals to experience more frequency of sessions for greater overall growth and benefit.

Increased Self-Awareness

Group Therapy can be a safe place to risk to learn more about yourself.  This can lead to greater development of self-awareness.  Modeling, a form of learning by observing and adapting other’s actions as your own, can allow you to give to others, as well as receive.



Growth often occurs in Group Therapy as a natural process of enhanced acceptance of self and others, increased honesty, stronger communication and socialization skills and better boundaries.  These are the things that self-esteem are made of.


New SkillS

Skills taught and practiced from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), mindfulness, grounding, Somatic Experiencing and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy.


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